Alex Anschuetz

Full Stack Developer

Hello World

I'm Alex Anschuetz. I graduated from The University of Maryland in May 2015, with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship. Shortly after, I completed the Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly, Santa Monica.

I am an avid rock climber, calisthenics enthusiast, surfer, skateboarder, earth lover, and adventurer. I also enjoy reading, investing, cooking, traveling, life-philosophizing, and almost all kinds of new experiences and challenges. I am fascinated by the intersection of business and technology, and what this means for the future of mankind.

I like to dream big and want to leverage technology to improve the future of human life and the health of our planet. Whether or not earth can continue to sustain human life is one of the most pressing questions of our time. As our population climbs these implications only grow larger. I want to use technology to empower our planet rather than consume it.



A digital diary to revisit other times and places in your life. Collections of photos from separate chapters of your life, with captions and music to enhance the memory. Built in MEAN Stack with Amazon S3 for uploads.

Show Me Your Junk

An app to simplify moving and reduce waste in Los Angeles by reusing furniture. Built with MongoDB, Node.js, Express, Amazon S3, and Google Maps API.


An app to help fitness enthusiasts check and improve their form over time, built with Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap.

Cosmic Snake

A variation of the classic arcade game snake, built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS.



Calisthenics is disrupting the world of fitness by enabling extremely scalable workouts using nothing but your bodyweight (yes that means free) to develop high levels of strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and body awareness.

The human body was designed to move itself. Calisthenics focuses on a holistic approach to physical capacities of the human body, rather than aesthetics. Regardless, the movements are more comprehensive than typical weightlifting, and lead to a more natural, proportional physique.

Calisthenics is a unique combination of physical challenge, mental determination, and socialization, which I believe will make a profound difference in the fitness industry. The movement is young and the identity of calisthenics in America is still forming, which means massive progress is left to be made. There are already companies in Europe that design and install workout parks intended for free public use. This could be huge in the US, just look at the popularity of muscle beach in Santa Monica.

Imagine that, free gyms in cities all over the country. A stark difference from today's world, but the future is at hand..


I love to travel. There is something fulfilling about seeing new places and ways of life. These are a some of the places I have been lucky enough to experience.